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About the band


shunTA! are fast developing a reputation as one of London’s most exciting party bands, with our relentlessly upbeat musical tour of the Balkans. We perform a slick, high tempo, thumping take on Romani Gypsy and Eastern European folk tunes, anthems and singalongs.

We live to entertain and to create a real connection with the beautiful people who come to see us, jumping and koloing to pounding beats from the Balkans and around the Mediterranean. We’re a diverse group of musicians aged from 24 to 60 and hailing from various countries, drawn together by our love of heart-rending melodies and complicated rhythms, but most of all by our love of the Balkan people, and our amazing audiences.


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We have ten permanent members, including two percussionists, a 4-strong horn section, mandolin, violin, electric guitar and keys. We also have a number of additional players we can call on if you want us to stun your guests even more, including brass, percussion and upright bass!